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  • Writer's pictureDr. Shawn A. Weiss, PT, DPT, CDP, CADDCT

Balancing the Gut-Brain Connection for Optimal Health

Dr. Shawn Weiss joins Suzanne to talk about the gut-brain connection and how to balance your functional wellness to achieve optimal health.

"Think of it as like a two-way highway. What one does affects the other. The easiest way to illustrate that is, for instance, when you get nervous. You feel those butterflies in your stomach, right? There's a direct connection in the neurotransmitters, the chemicals that the brain sends for situations like that, fight or flight responses."

"Inflammation is one of the number one things that we deal with. and when I'm coaching clients, we are talking about inflammation. There's 22 different types. You have acute inflammation. Acute is, hey, I just fell, hurt my knee, it got swollen or I have the flu, and the body's response is to send those infiltrates into your system which causes inflammation. But I'm talking about chronic inflammation, inflammation from the processed foods that we eat, that will cause inflammation and leaky gut, and that causes a whole host of systems. That's why we can't eat what we used to eat. Our food greatly affects the inflammatory responses in our body."

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